Pixelorama is coming to Steam!


Artwork by Erevoid.

Hello everyone, we have an important announcement to make! As teased in our previous blog post, Pixelorama is coming to Steam! This is something we have been waiting for months to announce and we are extremely excited for it. So join the hype train and wishlist Pixelorama now on Steam!

So, what does Pixelorama coming to Steam mean? We know that you may have some questions, so we prepared a small Q&A for you.

Q: Will Pixelorama be available for free on Steam, or will it have a price?

A: While Pixelorama is still a completely free software, the Steam version will be paid, but only for those who wish to support the team behind it and boost its development. If you wish to get it for free you still can from our GitHub and itch.io pages. Unlike itch.io, Steam does not have a “pay what you want” feature, so if it was available for free, we would have no way to make any money.

Q: But I thought Pixelorama was free software, why are you suddenly charging for it?

A: Like mentioned above, it still is free! Nothing changes in the platforms Pixelorama is already available at, such as itch.io and GitHub. It still is and will remain free there, so you have nothing to worry about!

Q: Does Pixelorama’s license change?

A: No, Pixelorama remains open source software under the MIT license.

Q: What benefits does the Steam version provide?

A: Users who buy Pixelorama through Steam will enjoy the benefits that Steam provides to all of the games and software hosted there, such as automatic updates. It is also a great way to fund the project’s development! Apart from that, there will be no other difference between the non-Steam version. All of Pixelorama’s features will be the same in all versions, and all versions will receive the same updates. In other words, the Steam version will not be a “Pro” version. It will be exactly the same as the non-Steam version, just with the added benefits that come naturally from Steam.

Q: Which versions of Pixelorama will be available on Steam?

A: Pixelorama will be available on Steam starting from version 1.0 and on. Previous versions will not be on Steam.

Q: Which platforms will Pixelorama be available on?

A: Windows and Linux. As you probably already know, macOS is also supported in itch.io, but because we do not currently own a macOS device, we decided not to risk it for the Steam version. In the future, once we have the means to test and to confirm that the macOS version is working correctly, we will also support macOS on Steam.

Q: Will Pixelorama work on the Steam Deck?

A: It should! It works on Linux, so it should work on Steam Deck as well. Pixelorama also supports gamepad shortcuts, so you should be able to map the Steam Deck’s buttons to actions such as undo/redo, copy, paste, etc. The reason we’re not 100% certain is because we don’t currently own a Steam Deck to test it ourselves.

We’d like to take a moment to thank you for your support all of these years. When we started Pixelorama back in 2019, it being available on Steam seemed like a distant dream, and now it is about to become reality. We couldn’t have done this without you. We really, really appreciate each and every one of you! We have made a wonderful community together, and we couldn’t be happier for this, and we can’t wait to meet all of the wonderful new people who will meet Pixelorama through Steam. Extremely looking forward to see what you all create! On the next update, we will talk about version 1.0 and what changes it will bring.

Pixelorama is available on GitHub, Itch.io and very soon on Steam, so wishlist now!