Pixelorama v0.9 is out!


Hello everyone, it’s been a while. Although we have been releasing smaller updates during this time (v0.8.1, v0.8.2 and v0.8.3), we haven’t released a big update for some time now. We have been working on this update hard, and we think it’s finally time to release it! Pixelorama has also seen progress in statistics. We are currently sitting on over 50k downloads and 52k browser plays on itch.io and 2.1k stars on GitHub.

So, what is this new update all about? Well, turns out, a lot of things! First and foremost, we are introducing 9 (nine) new tools. Five of them are new selection tools, one is a move tool and the rest are three new drawing tools; a line tool, a rectangle tool and an ellipse tool. Yes, finally! Shape tools are coming to Pixelorama. And speaking of new selection tools, the entire selection system has been enhanced! You can find a detailed explanation of the system in our documentation. And speaking of new systems, the palette system has also been replaced with a new one. More details in our documentation as well.

And these are not the only changes! Here is a changelog.

  • A total of 9 new tools!
  • New selection tools, including elliptical, magic wand, select by color, lasso (freehand selection) and polygonal selection tools.
  • A new move tool, that lets you move the content of the current cel, or the content of the selection, if there is any.
  • New and revamped selection and palette systems.
  • New rectangle and ellipse shape tools.
  • A new line tool.
  • An installer for Windows will be available for v0.9 and future versions!
  • You can now select multiple cels in the timeline and edit them all at once!
  • Frame numbers in the timeline above the cels are now clickable buttons that can be dragged and dropped to re-arrange the frames. Right clicking on these buttons brings up a frame-related menu with options that used to be on the cel right click menu.
  • You can now right click a cel to delete its contents.
  • Layer dragging and dropping is now also possible.
  • A new “fill inside” option has been added in the Pencil tool options.
  • And many more! Read our detailed changelog here.

And the showcase videos are back!

Pixelorama v0.9 Showcase

Thank you all for taking the time to read this blog post and for supporting us. We appreciate every and each one of you, but we’d like to give special thanks to our contributors, our translators and our donors! If you wish to support us, you can become a Patron and receive exclusive awards, or buy Pixelorama from itch.io! Happy painting, and stay safe!

Pixelorama is available on GitHub and Itch.io!