Pixelorama v0.8 is out!


Pixelorama has been growing more and more. After v0.7 was released, we hit over 20k downloads on itch.io, and 1k stars on GitHub. We also got featured in Ask Gamedev’s Godot Engine Game Showcase 2020 video. You can see this awesome showcase here:

Godot Engine - Game Showcase

In July, we also published a blog post, announcing that Pixelorama is coming to the Web! Definitely give that post a read to find out more, but the main takeaway is that one of the changes introduced in v0.8, is that Pixelorama now has a new Web version! And that’s not the only change you will find in the new version…

But before I tell you what’s new, I’d also like to inform you that we created a NEW GAME in July, called TechnoTribal. You can play it now, for free in your browser, here!

So, the changelog for Pixelorama v0.8:

  • Pixelorama is now available on the Web! Read this for more information.
  • Multiple project support, using tabs! It is now possible to have multiple projects open at the same time.
  • Gradient generation! Found under the “Image” menu.
  • A new isometric grid has been added, to help you create isometric pixel art!
  • The gif exporter has been re-written - and it now works in all platforms, Windows, Linux Mac and the Web!
  • Added option to resize the canvas, without scaling the image itself.
  • Added symmetry guides. They let you change the axis of symmetry for mirroring.
  • Palettes can now be created from the colors of the selected sprite.
  • You can now drag & drop files into the program while it’s running to open them. You can open .pxo files, image files and palette (json, gpl and pal) files this way.
  • The dialog windows of most image effects have been improved. You can now select if you want the effect to apply in the current cel, the entire frame, all frames or even all projects (tabs)!
  • You can now draw on the tiling mode previews!
  • Image importing has been improved. The “Import” option from the File menu has been removed, instead you open image files from the “Open” option. You now can import images as layers, brushes (all types), pallets and patterns. When importing spritesheets, you can also preview how the frames of the spritesheet will look.
  • Buttons have been added in Preferences to restore each setting to its default state.
  • Added Scale3X algorithm as an option to scale sprites.
  • A play button has been added for playing the animation exclusively on the small canvas preview area. A zoom slider for the preview area has been added, too.
  • Translation updates and new languages, including Hungarian, Korean and Romanian!
  • And many more! Read our detailed changelog here.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this blog post and for supporting us. We appreciate every and each one of you, but we’d like to give special thanks to our contributors, our translators and our donors! If you wish to support us, you can become a Patron and receive exclusive awards, or buy Pixelorama from itch.io! Happy painting, and stay safe!

Pixelorama is available on GitHub and Itch.io!