Pixelorama v0.6 is out!


Artwork by Erevos

I have no words. The support we received for Pixelorama v0.5 was too much to handle! We were definitely not expecting so much people showing their genuine interest in our little software, and spreading the word! A lot of people joined our new Discord server, left their comments on Pixelorama’s itch.io page and opened issues on our GitHub repository. Gamefromscratch even made a video on Pixelorama!!! This was a massive boost to its popularity, and we’d like to thank them a lot for their awesome video! We’d also like to thank all those who donated through itch.io! Since so many people showed their interest in donating, we launched a Patreon, which can grant people some amazing rewards! You can see our quick announcement video here:

Patreon Announcement

We worked really hard to make sure our new community is pleased, and we are very happy with how v0.6 turned out! What’s that? You want to see a changelog? Well, here you go!


  • Palettes. You can choose default ones or make your own! (Thanks to greusser/CheetoHead)
  • Multiple theme support to better match your style.
  • Image menu with new features (Outlines, Color invert, desaturation) for more editing power.
  • Added a new splash screen window dialog that appears when Pixelorama loads. Patrons with the rank of Visionaries and above can participate in splash screen artwork contests for every version!
  • Added a better circle, filled circle and random brushes!
  • Pixelorama goes worldwide with even more translations! (Thanks to all those who translated)
  • Added a layer opacity slider, that lets you change the alpha values of layers.
  • Importing and exporting matrix spritesheets is now possible.
  • Straight lines now have constrained angles if you press Ctrl. With a step of 15 angles.
  • And, actually, a lot more! Click HERE for the full list of additions, changed and bug fixes!

Pixelorama v0.6 Showcase

Artwork by Erevos. Artwork by Erevos.

We already started planning for v0.7’s new features, so the future of Pixelorama looks bright!

We’d like to help all of you who have supported Pixelorama, either by donating, by contributing to its source code, or simply by downloading it! We’ll keep working hard for you!

Besides Patreon, you can donate on PayPal and Ko-Fi, or directly on itch.io! Thanks for your time and as always, happy painting!

Pixelorama is available on GitHub and Itch.io!