Pixelorama v0.3 is out!


I was having some bad days lately, but I managed to work on Pixelorama… when I could. I was hoping this release would come out sooner, but eh, here we are. So, changelog:

  • New animation timeline features: Ping-pong loop, and… onion skinning! You can choose how many steps in the past and future you want to look, and you can toggle Blue/Red mode! There is also an option to import new frames without deleting the others.
  • New custom project file, .pxo! If you save your art as .pxo, all the hot data you need like layers, frames and color pallets get saved. It’s a smart saving system, like its father (me).
  • New rectangle selection tool. Make selection, drag selection, hold Shift while dragging to drag the selection’s contents, copy/paste selection, you can only draw INSIDE selection, selection persists between layers and frames, use selection to select (duh) pixels from canvas and save them as…
  • …CUSTOM BRUSHES. The gentle laborer shall no longer be forced to use the pixel brush! You can resize ’em, re-color ’em, map ’em to your mouse buttons. And yes, custom brushes get saved in .pxo files. Told you they’re smart.
  • Do you ever make tiles and want to see if they are seamless? Pixelorama’s got you covered with its new Tile Mode!
  • Do you ever wish to see your art from different zoom levels at the same time? Pixelorama’s got you covered with its new Split Screen View!
  • Do you ever wish to crop your sprites? Pixelorama can now crop sprites.
  • Re-organized the menus and added an “About” window where you can find more info about Pixelorama. And more importantly, donate.

Tile mode and split screen view in action. Whoosh!

Showcase video time? Showcase video time! Pixelorama v0.3 Showcase

If you want to ease my pain, you can show your support by donating on PayPal and Ko-Fi. Or you can just send me love. Anything is appreciated. Thanks for your time and as always, happy painting!

Pixelorama is available on GitHub and Itch.io!