Pixelorama v0.2 is out!


I swear I wasn’t procrastinating! I was just busy with studying and working on our game! But anyway I’ll keep it short this time, Pixelorama v0.2 is out now and it comes with fancy new things!

  • Brand new animation timeline! Add, clone, remove and change order of unlimited frames! The good news? Each frame can have a unique amount of layers, and even be a different size than the rest of the frames!
  • New UI for tool options, divided in the left mouse tool and the right mouse tool.
  • You can now choose a brush size for pencil and eraser tools! Each mouse button can have its own brush size. You can go wild with this!
  • You can import multiple images as different animation frames!
  • You can also export the current frame you have selected, or all the frames as multiple files, or as a spritesheet! Supports both horizontal and vertical spritesheets.
  • Scaling your image is now functional! And it lets you choose from four different types of interpolation.
  • You can toggle a grid in the canvas on and off.
  • Added text labels on the bottom right for the frame’s size, the position of the cursor, the zoom level and the currently selected frame.
  • Added hints for UI elements.
  • Mouse cursor changes depending on where it’s hovering.

Okay, enough words. They say that an image is a thousand of them, right? So… what about a video? Oh yes, Orama Interactive has stepped up their game.

That’s it everyone, I’m going back to work. If you are interested in what you are seeing and want to support it (and make my life easier!), you can consider donating on PayPal and Ko-Fi. Thanks for your time, and happy painting!

Pixelorama is available on GitHub and Itch.io!