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Emmanouil Papadeas

I am a co-founder and lead developer of Orama Interactive, an indie game (and software, apparently) development team. I love science and learning, games, art, animals, dreams, chocolate, automation, robots, life, the Universe. I do not love coffee, coffee is overrated. We’re currently just a group of friends who dream of one day making Orama an actual company, and create content for a living.

One of the reasons I co-founded Orama Interactive is because I am a thinker and a dreamer, and I wanted a way to get my thoughts and creativity out to the world, and to make my dreams a reality. I also think that one of the best, if not the best, way to change and improve this world is through art and technology. And, well, games are a combination of both. So another reason I chose this path is to attempt to make this world a better place, from making content that is both fun and educational, to influence people’s ways of thinking and promote open-mindedness. I hope you’ll join me in this journey!

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Pixelorama v0.11.2 is out!

Artwork by Roroto Sic, one of the artists for v0.11’s splash screen artworks. So I know how I mentioned that work is now focused on version 1.

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Pixelorama v0.11 is out!

Artwork by Exuvita, one of the artists for v0.11’s splash screen artworks. After almost nine months, a new version of Pixelorama, version 0.

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Announcing Voxelorama

Art by Erevoid. In our previous blog post about Pixelorama v0.10, we teased about an exciting announcement for our 10 years of Orama Interactive anniversary (17 of April 2012- 17 of April 2022).

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Pixelorama v0.4 is out!

These last days were surprisingly productive. The update would have rolled out sooner if I didn’t have such a hard time with Undo/Redo.

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I made my own Sprite Editor in Godot

Like I’m not busy enough already… Making a game (more details coming soon!), working hard to open a game development studio, Orama Interactive, and become a full time indie developer, studying for uni… you name it!

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