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Ways to contribute

Say something nice!

While material help is great, we don't want anyone to feel forced or obliged to give money to us, especially if they can't afford to. Sometimes saying something nice can go a long way! Showing your love and appreciation to someone could make their day, and give them strength to pursue their dreams and make their visions a reality. If you like Pixelorama and wish to help somehow, consider leaving a positive comment. And not just to the main development team, but to the awesome contributors who helped shape this software in so many ways! It's up to us to make a more wholesome world and every little bit counts. Of course, if you have more feedback and criticism to share, feel free to do so!

Spread the word!

Talk to your friends, co-workers, people from your communities and anyone who might be interested in Pixelorama! You can promote it on your social media, make videos about it or, even better, draw! Create content using Pixelorama and tell the world that you used it for your creations! Making Pixelorama more popular is a win-win scenario for everyone because more people knowing about it means that we will get more feedback, which will be used to make Pixelorama even better, and some people might be interested even in contributing code directly!


Pixelorama is a free and open-source project. This means that all of our income so far comes solely from donations. Unfortunately, while our creativity stems from our love of the project, today's world rules force us to make a living using real-life currencies. We need that money to survive and to keep our focus on our projects, such as Pixelorama, without having to worry about how to afford our rent and groceries by working at jobs that do not represent us. If you wish to see this project grow and help us financially, you can become our Patron and receive some nice benefits. You can also buy Pixelorama on, for an amount of your choice!

Become a Patron!

Contributing Code

You are free to open pull requests to Pixelorama's GitHub Repository to fix issues or implement new features. Keep in mind, however, that not all PRs will be merged. Some may need discussion, or others may be downright closed. Make sure to read the file first.

Contributing Feedback

Do you have a super cool idea for the development of Pixelorama and want to share it? Then the best way to do it is by opening a Discussion on GitHub. That is the most effective way for your feedback to be seen and discussed with the team and other developers that are interested in helping.

Testing and reporting issues

Did Pixelorama crash? Did you find a bug, performance issue, visual glitches or overall unexpected behavior? If so, feel free to open an Issue on GitHub. If you wish to maximize the chances of the issue being addressed, please keep in mind to be as specific as possible and provide as many details as you can. The version of Pixelorama, your operating system, a clear and thorough explanation of the issue and steps to reproduce (if you know them) are a must to include. Otherwise, it will be harder for us to replicate the issue, and thus find the source of the problem. If you want to, including screenshots and videos of you replicating the issue in your issue report is a great help!

Contributing Documentation

The documentation is hosted on GitHub. If you wish to contribute, you are free to open pull requests. Make sure to read the file first.

Contributing Translations

If you wish to contribute a translation, make sure to use Pixelorama's Crowdin page. Crowdin is a web-based translation platform, where people can contribute translations together and with ease. Please use Crowdin and do not directly open pull requests to Pixelorama's GitHub repository.